What is Cudo Gamer?

  • Gamers have access to powerful GPUs, but they tend to only use these when gaming, which is an average of 20% of their time.
  • Cudo Gamer is a B2B application that integrates with any platform and provides instant monetisation of users’ hardware. Using spare or idle computing power for blockchain and cloud computations, the funds generated are automatically added to users’ accounts on the platform, enhancing their ecosystem and adding value to users.
  • Cudo Gamer provides monetisation of users' hardware for blockchain and cloud computations when they are not playing.
  • Users simply have to download the safe and secure Cudo Gaming application, log in to their accounts, and the application will do the rest. Gamers can start questing for loot, games and cosmetic items to spend in your store.

There are two ways to utilise Cudo Gamer for a new revenue stream:

  • 1

    White Label – create a new revenue stream for your organisation

  • 2

    Integrate into your platform

The benefits of Cudo Gamer

  • Revenue Stream – Monetisation
  • Retention, Acquisition, Loyalty and re-engagement
  • New approach and innovation for a competitive advantage
  • Simplicity to integrate, capital light and fast time to value – plug and play
  • White Label & SDK
  • Gamers earn an extra $5-$40 a month